21 02 2010

I wrote a poem a year or so ago about the idea of a zipper representing a relationship between two people. Each half of the zipper represents a person in the relationship and when they join their lives together, they come together and mesh like the teeth of a zipper when it is zipped closed. I feel like this concept is pretty accurate, especially when you think that if even one tooth of one side of a zipper is damaged, the zipper cannot close, cannot operate the way it is supposed to function.

I have been watching various movies about marriage, reading about it, thinking about it and observing married couples as they go through their lives…and I have to wonder when the glamour, passion and love fades? My parents divorced when I was a teenager, and it was a bloody, horrific, painful experience for all of us (not just them) and then they both remarried. My mother married a con man who divorced her after stealing from her and she has since lost all of her faith in the institution of marriage (to be fair, she is not an easy person to get along with). My father remarried after finding someone on eHarmony that he is more compatible with and he is still happily married a few years later. It’s true that they don’t live together all the time since they both work and travel quite a bit, but they act like newly weds after a few years of marriage and I admire that…but wonder if there is an expiration date?

At what point does the zipper break? When does a couple reach the point where they simply coexist rather than live and love together with the passion, love and abandon that they experienced in the youth of their love…




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