Catching Up

19 02 2010

It has been a really long time since I last posted and I apologize for that….things have been kind of crazy in my life recently and I have been taking time away from blogging. So here I am to catch you all up on what has been happening in the past few weeks.

Three weeks ago I started my new job. I went through one week of training and 2 weeks of work on the floor…and the first week was great but the second and third weeks went downhill quickly. I really enjoyed the concept, the atmosphere and the people that I worked with there but the customers that I interacted with were far more abrasive than I had anticipated. I quickly figured out that I was not tough enough to withstand 8 hour days where I was yelled at on the phone by strangers (this experience reaffirmed for me that it pays to be sweet and supportive when interacting with customer serviced representatives because one good experience can change the whole day around for them). This experience was eye-opening for me…I tried a variety of methods for trying to toughen up and withstand the onslaught of rudeness but nothing really worked and I went home each night to cry and dread the upcoming day.

After three weeks…I threw in the towel. I had been offered another job with a company where I will work in communications and have the chance to find something that I can do day in and out without being yelled at by strangers. I am hoping that my life turns around and that I wont feel like crying every single day…

Beyond that…I hate the concept of quitting something and I wish that the first job would have worked out because it was good money and a great team atmosphere but I struggled with the people that called in. It appalled me that people that didn’t know me could personally attack me when they knew nothing about me; there is no excuse to treat other people that way. To survive this, I am thinking of this as a lesson, a learning experience where I can garner skills that will assist me in tough situations later in life. I refuse to look at this as a bad experience or a mistake…I will look at this as a good experience that will build my available skills.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t say to much here before I made the move to the new job because I was unsure of logistics and wanted to talk to my employers to iron out details before I  said anything to anyone. Now that I know I will be receiving full time hours, I felt more comfortable giving notice at the job and making it public that I was making the new move.

Beyond that…I moved all my things to SuFu and they are safely tucked away in a storage unit here. I live out of a suitcase in D’s house (not the most fun) and I am trying to save some money to pay down debt and get an apartment of my own. It’s an awkward situation because I feel like I am trying to get on my feet (but overstaying my welcome at the house).

My goal is to get a job related to my degree (and one that is in my pay range) in the next year so I can get going on building a career.

In addition, I went to Bockfest…and had a good time. I got separated from my friends and ended up having one of those nights straight out of a movie (seriously felt like Dude Where’s My Car). We all got drunk at Bockfest, the lines were huge, and it was crazy busy so there was no denying that it was all too easy to lose my friend group…I somehow ended up getting a ride back in a friend’s limo and going to some parties with him before he dropped me back in St. Peter and then I found out that none of my friends were in St. Peter…they all were in Mankato 15 min away. I grabbed a cab back and then I got another cab downtown where all my friends laughed that I looked like I had just come from Bockfest (which I had, toting big boots, fur hat and hot pink mug). I finally crashed (after forgetting to eat all day and running on 3 hours of sleep) at Shelb’s house and drove back in a blizzard on Valentine’s Day (w/D) to SuFu. Crazy weekend…might not go to another one of those events for a while.

I’ll try to keep these things updated more! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.




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