6 02 2010

My boyfriend got me roses on Monday. It surprised me because he rarely ever gets me flowers anymore and it means a lot that he went out of his way to get me something special to celebrate the new job. I got home from a long day of training and discovered the flowers in my room by my bed…three lavender/pink roses in a slender vase with a lilac-colored ribbon and a note that was all too sweet. He showed me that he is really proud of me for getting the new job and he supports me…and that makes me feel even more confident in my new job.

Mine were like this with a few more pink undertones...

The flowers also demonstrated that the spark has not disappeared completely from my relationship. When we first started dating, he brought me flowers a lot and they swept me off my feet…but as the years passed, the flowers disappeared and the spontaneity and feeling that I was someone special faded. I am really glad that we are both committed to bringing the spark back to our relationship after 2 years of long distance. Those flowers are like a promise…that I mean something…that I mean enough to him to stop and buy me roses to commemorate a big day for me…three little roses and a little ribbon turned my day around in an instant and reassured me that he loves me…silly but necessary when it comes to girls.




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