Dress for Success

6 02 2010

Bockfest is approaching and I am really psyched.

This will be my 4th year running (since I turned 21) and I am excited because this day is always tons of fun. The day is filled with beer, bonfires, music and lots of debauchery (have you ever seen adults do a beer bong from a hose coming out of the mouth of a stuffed deer?) but I enjoy it! I know from past years running:

+wear lots of layers…I usually wear tights under jeans, tank tops, hoodie, Columbia jacket, thermal socks, Columbia boots, mittens, scarf, hat, aviators.

Brr...stay warm!

+leave early…the line builds quickly and they do cut off entries when the ground reach max capacity.

+bring id, $5 for entry and extra money to buy beer tickets inside.

+bring alcohol to drink while standing in line…this makes the wait more entertaining.

Beer Boots

+make sure to have a sober cab there and back…there are buses sponsored by the bars that take people there and back but tons of people drive.

+make sure to bring a big cup to pour all the small cups of beer you buy inside into…it makes it easier than carrying a cardboard tray with four cups of beer that spill all over your mittens and get them cold and wet…all the while the carry tray is getting limper.

+be ready for beer bongs, beer pong and random shots throughout the day.

Here is an example of the guys wearing furs, aviators and using huge cups...

+bring Purell because the Porta Potties do NOT have sanitizer inside.

Kill those germs and smell pretty!

+consider buying hand and foot warmers if you get cold really easily.

+eat. eat before. eat during. eat after.

Those are just some ideas of what worked for me in the past and what I will be doing this year to make sure I have fun and don’t panic because I forgot mittens or money…hope to see you all at Bockfest for the 150th anniversary!!!

Bockfest Crowd




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