4 02 2010

The training for the new job has gone extremely well this week. I have spent a lot of time sitting in the training room with a group of other trainees learning all about the details of my new position. It has been a little bit of a mental strain due to the enormity of the information that I have to absorb in short time but exciting because it’s a challenge. Today I took my first calls for the position and even though I was scared, I am going to try to do my best and make a good impression on my employers and show them that they made the right decision in hiring me.

My hopes are to move up the corporate ladder and perhaps attain a position in social media for the company since it does so much of its business online and through Internet leads. I think that social media is one of the things I would really excel at and enjoy in terms of how it would challenge me and bring me job satisfaction…and since this is a growing company, I think there are opportunities for expansion in that sense.

Tomorrow is the last day of training. We’re having a company-wide potluck (I am bringing Dove chocolates since I don’t cook or bake well and I get the sense that I am the only vegetarian in the group) and we’re running promotions for Superbowl Sunday. We all get to wear jerseys in honor of the teams playing on Sunday! I plan on wearing black leggings, black moccasins or black Uggs (depending on how much snow is outside) and a Fighting Sioux hockey jersey since I don’t do football jerseys đŸ™‚ I’m excited for a casual Friday and the termination of the week-long training session…and Monday I get to work on my own and prove to myself that I learned a lot this week and that I can apply it.

In other news, I received news that my bestie, Chili Pepper, wont be coming with me to Bockfest. I’m sad because I really wanted her to come! It’s my fourth year and I am taking a bunch of friends this year (only a handful have ever gone before and they only went last year so they don’t have much experience) but she was the one that I really wanted her to come. I anticipate this year being a ton of fun no matter what! I know that a lot of my friends will be there so I will have to make the best of what I can.

My next plans are to get some money in my account by picking up as many overtime hours as I am allowed…get a gym membership and get exercising…look for affordable apartments…start studying for the GREs…compile a reading list and start working through it.

Ironically, I have been offered three other jobs since I accepted my current position…funny how nothing is there when you want it and then all of a sudden there are tons of options when you don’t need them anymore?




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