31 01 2010

This weekend was intimidating in theory but executed perfectly.

Friday, D and I drove to Kato with a carload of boxes and totes that I had gathered for the move. We arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon and I let him take a nap (since he drove in) while I started packing. I packed all of my stuff I have accumulated through college things I love and set him to the task of taking the boxes to the basement so we could carry them out through the garage (which opens straight onto the street). I got most of my books and other things sorted through and packed but hadn’t even tackled the huge closet when D got a call from his old roommate Landon and a friend, Dusty, who wanted to grab drinks at Pub 500: We took a break and got drinks…

I packed the rest of my closet and things and chatted with Dizzle, who came over to tape boxes together entertain me with news of her life. Drinks with the roomies followed and then we watched a couple episodes of Archer (FX) and it was bed time.

The next day was filled with frantic sorting as we took things to the Goodwill, dropped a roommate at work and grabbed lunch before D’s parents arrived in town. They brought a large trailer and truck to assist in the move and drove 5 hours (there and back) to help me! Thanks, D’s parents!!! Note: the move went swimmingly and the house was emptied and the trailer packed in 1 hour.

D drove us back to SuFu where we unloaded the trailer into the storage unit (D’s dad is a whiz at packing because he fit all my junk in a 5Wx12Lx8H unit…and I have a ton of stuff. My biggest need is to go through my stuff and purge it as soon as I get a place. It’s amazing how much you accumulate in college…aka Mardi Gras beads, shot glasses, feather boas, Santa hats, books, bottles of tequila, photos.

I am pleased to finally have made the trip to SuFu and have all my things located nearby for the future move should I collect enough money from the new job, find an affordable place and finally get my junk moved in 🙂

Missed all of you. I wasn’t the only one moving this weekend as my bestie, Doom, moved into his newly bought house!!! Congrats on the purchase, sorry to miss the housewarming!




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