Lined Pages

31 01 2010

I heart notebooks.

Ever since I was young, I have kept my thoughts and emotions in a series of notebooks and journals that allow me to explore expression through writing. It has freed me of those excess emotions that can be overwhelming as a teen and young adult, encouraging me to channel my feelings into a creative and positive outlet. As an adult, writing in notebooks allows me to keep lists that detail my hyper-organized lifestyle and my goals, desires, plans and needs. Through the years, notebooks have kept me sane.

There is just something exciting about that first empty page of a new journal or notebook. I love the smooth, clean lines that are soon filled with my penmanship. I love the whiteness, that stark clean look or the creaminess of recycled paper. I just love notebooks.

I bought a new one for tomorrow’s first day at work. I am excited because it will be a new start post-college and new thoughts, goals, desires, plans and needs.

I can’t wait to see what the future I will write on those lined pages.




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