29 01 2010

I am going to Kato this weekend to pack and move my belongings to SuFu with the help of D and his parents. This is exciting because the living situation there has become regrettable uncomfortable. One of the individuals I live with has changed and become less than polite to me so I am excited to move out and have a clean slate (living situation conflict is absolutely one of my least favorite things to deal with since I have dealt with it for years off and on).

Today I am driving in with the boy to pack and organize so we can expedite the packing of the trailer that his parents are driving in with tomorrow morning. Then we are making the whole trek back to SuFu in the same day and either unpacking at the storage unit (depending on the hour) or I will be back to do that on Sunday after Mass.

Wish me luck! I will miss all of you bloggies but I will be back on Sunday to recap the weekend and keep you apprised of Monday’s upcoming training plan. A little scared for the new job but definitely excited!




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