Self Doubt

28 01 2010

So I know that part of my emotional instability is due to my hormonal-roller-coaster-game that I play at the end of each month but I am kind of doubting my abilities today.

I was so flushed with excitement and accomplishment in getting a new job and now I am concerned that I sold myself too well at the interview and that I am not as prepared as I made myself seem for this new position. Thankfully, I have some common sense lurking in the background reminding me that my English Literature degree prepared me a little for the communication demands that I face in the new job. I just have to remind myself to keep my self talk positive!

How do you keep yourself positive when self doubt comes creeping in?

I have been trying to keep positive! I think that some part of my sadness is also attributed to my inability to keep in touch with my friends (who have been a support network for me for the last few years) and the feeling of drifting off into the South Dakota prairies. I love my friends and feel that some sinister back stabbing is in the works, and I am somewhat tired of the immaturity and deceit…maybe this is a good move, a clean start and a new chance to make the right friends…once again.

Wish me luck as I try to convince myself that this is the right move and I am not making a mistake!




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