28 01 2010

Last night I went for dinner and drinks with Meg and D to celebrate the new job! Wednesday nights are Ladies’ Nights where all the drinks are half off and tons of people come out for it!

Bracco’s has a cool atmosphere in a big building that is divided pretty equally with 1/3 bar, 1/3 restaurant seating and 1/3 private rooms. It has some Asian fusion theme but offers things like Italian flatbreads, American upscale mac n cheese and onion rings, pad thai and stir fry veggies, quesadillas and handmade guacamole, awesome sushi (vegetarian, shrimp or tuna), steaks, chicken, etc. Huge selections of food and different cultures with an equally amazing drinks list. I appreciate that they have a selection of vegetarian options (beyond pastas) that interest me!


I started with a Manhattan (love that smooth bourbon) and Meg started with some fizzy rum drink! We ordered (she got the Pad Thai and I got the Vegetarian Quesadillas – even though I wasn’t starving and had 1 of 4 slices of it) and had a great time chatting, eating and laughing at the other people in SuFu. SuFu is a different place…the bar was filled with an after work crowd, which was soon replaced by young college students/high schoolers…it was great to people-watch. We had second rounds after this (BTW, D was sober cabbing for us so he had 4 Dr. Peppers and Meg and I had 2 rounds of drinks): Meg had a Pina Colada and I had an Angela Pinktini that had XXX Rated Fusion, Red Passion Alize, Pearl Plum Vodka and lime fizz. Our drinks were phenom and I loved getting expensive drinks half off (although Meg picked up my drinks as a congratulatory gift for me getting a new job!!! Thanks, Meg).

It was a great night, reminding me that I love Bracco’s and need to get over there for Ladies’ Nights more often and I love that atmosphere. Meg and I made plans to go see Dear John next weekend and I am excited for more girl time (it’s nice to have friends here in a new town).

I continue to feel more and more appreciative for the opportunities I have in SuFu and I am excited for what comes in the next few months!




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