The Road I’m On

27 01 2010

I had some errands to run today since time is running out before the big move. I needed packing tape, boxes, plastic storage totes and other organizational tools to ensure that this move goes as smoothly as possible. I am hoping that I will be done with this nomadic portion of my life relatively soon since I have a job and a boyfriend here now.

D got a Garmin for Christmas this year and he has not used it once since he got it. I, on the other hand, have used it several times. SuFu is still relatively new to me and I know my way around the East side a little but I get lost trying to find the mall or anything on the other side of town so I have been utilizing the Garmin for my interviews, errands, job searching, apartment searching, etc. It has been really helpful in telling me where to turn, giving me directions, telling me speed limits, letting me figure out how to get home. I really love that little dude. My only issue with it is that I have trouble mounting it anywhere in my car since my dashboard isn’t flat anywhere and it is illegal to mount it on your inner windshield.

I made a compromise and suction-cupped it to my display where the gas gauge and speedometer is located. It’s the only flat, smooth spot where the suction cup will stay (although sometimes it falls off when I go over speed bumps or bumps in the road) and I leave the speedometer portion open and put the Garmin over the engine temperature gauge and gas tank gauge. I wish I knew where else to hold it since it distracts me when it is in my lap.

My opinion of the Garmin is: IT ROCKS. I cannot believe I have never bought one before this because it has helped me in this new town. I don’t feel as if I have to stay at D’s house and wait for him to get home to take me to the mall or store to run errands…this gives me the freedom and confidence to run errands on my own and get to know the town a little so I can be more comfortable when I move here.

This new road I’m on with a new job, new living situation and new goals has shaken me up, but Garmin has brought me down and shown me the roads I need to be successful here in SuFu. Thanks, Garmin!




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