New Start

26 01 2010

Today was a day of new starts.

I had 2 interviews today for prospective jobs and an appointment to go look at storage units for the big move (as well as figure out the rental trailer situation). Due to nervousness, I didn’t sleep well last night…

My interview for the first job went really well. I applied yesterday, got a call a few hours afterwards and I set up an interview for this afternoon. I had a great time asking questions, replying to questions that kept me on my toes and seeing how well I could sell myself (this was only my second face to face interview since I applied to Carlson Craft).

After the interview, I went and rented my storage unit, got the keys and a tour and then headed to Hyvee to get some Annie’s Mac and Cheese for dinner because I wanted hot, creamy, cheesy carbs 🙂 In the parking lot, I got a call from the gentleman that interviewed offering me the position. I was ecstatic (even got a bottle of pink bubbly to celebrate) and called my dad to tell him the great news. The job is exactly what I am looking for right now and I think I can excel at it.

At home, I told D (who seems torn between being mad that I got a job and happy for me) and I had ww organic mac n cheese for supper with champagne (wow, that sounds terrible).

I noticed my jeans are a lot looser so I indulged tonight to celebrate losing weight, getting a job and seeing a positive side of the future for the first time in a long time. I am a lot less stressed and much more at peace knowing that I have something that I can do to make myself useful and be productive.

One of the high points of the day is that I thought I was really under-dressed because I didn’t have any dress clothes here (since I am still in SuFu without having my stuff moved here yet) so I wore dark jeans, a grey and white striped shirt, a black boyfriend blazer and a burgundy, gold and black paisley silk scarf with dark heels. I had my hair down but pulled it back to look less casual and used my black and grey Coach purse. I guess it worked! I got the job….I have a future and a way of making a living for the immediate future.

So the plan is to move out of Kato this weekend (using a large enclosed trailer that my boyfriend’s boss is letting us rent for a nominal fee) and into my storage unit, start work on Monday and then live at D’s house until I have some paychecks under my belt so I can afford to get my own place. I am going to try to be in my own place by March 🙂 Wish me luck!

**Note: One of the reasons that my resume stuck out to the man that interviewed me is that I am an English major and so was he when he attended school. We also have a similar interest in Linguistics, since that was my minor and he studied that for his teaching degree. It’s interesting that you never know what is going to happen or what small detail on your resume will catch someone’s attention**




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27 01 2010
Hungover Guy

As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

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