25 01 2010

When I was younger, I had issues with meat. I don’t like the taste, appearance, texture or the concept of what meat is…for me, I think of it as decaying flesh. I understand that this is not how everyone feels about meat (and every vegetarian or vegan has different reasons for going veg) but that is one of the factors that influenced my move away from meat. As I became older, I was shocked to discover the terrible things going on in the world when it came to animal cruelty…it really sickened me and reinforced my reasoning as to why I abstain from meat.

Today, Healthy Tipping Point’s blogger, Caitlin, took on PETA and opened up her comment section for discussions about PETA. The blogging community responded by saying that PETA is too extremist and does not present its ideas in a way that is appropriate. Some people thought that women were demeaned, that the ads were too offensive and did not send the right messages and a lot of people asked why PETA’s ads run the way they do instead of presenting the information about animal abuse and letting people make their own informed decisions. I agree with all of these things…but I also see the beauty in what PETA has done.

PETA has people paying attention. PETA has captured countless peoples’ attention and made them look, read, listen and explore the world of veg…that says a lot.

Their ads are eye catching and somewhat offensive and extreme. Some people think that it’s a joke with naked girls wearing vegetables now rather than sticking with the core facts, but I see a dynamic marketing team that is trying to change its demographic and reach out to more people of different ages and interests. Sure, we women might not always appreciate the naked girls holding vegetables in strategic places but think of all the teen and young adult men that might pause one more second at that ad and read a little about PETA and what veg stands for. I think that they’re provocative (in terms of visual rhetoric) and I appreciate their ballsiness in speaking out in a way that others don’t.

Vegetarianism doesn’t have to be extreme. It doesn’t have to be associated with violence, anger and a lot of conflict. Vegetarianism is about love…loving your body, loving your planet, loving your life. Veg is a choice and PETA just levels the playing field since so many junk food and pop ads use gorgeous women and get attention (think Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink on the Pepsi ads where they are gladiators or Ali Landry being that Doritos girl in countless ads). PETA gets attention and raises awareness for veg, and even if we don’t all agree with how it is done…I am proud that someone is taking a stand.




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