A Daddy’s Love

25 01 2010

I adore my Daddy.

He has been my number one fan for as long as I can remember…whether it was:

*coming with me on my spelling bee competitions or science and inventor fair trips

*going to all my figure skating competitions and bringing me flowers or a stuffed bear (and assuring me I was a winner in his eyes even when I didn’t win any medals)

*sleeping on the couch all those nights that I was sick as a kid (he let me sleep on his side of the bed)

*teaching me how NOT to shave my legs (when I cut a 5″ strip of shin off using his razor when I was 12)

*putting up with my eccentricities and OCD related insanity

*hanging every single one of my oil paintings in his house (there are like a dozen and they’re all birds or landscapes :S)

*comforting me and my brother (and being strong for us) through a nasty divorce

*helping me buy my prom dresses (because my mother was nowhere to be found)

*not being afraid to cry and let us cry when our grandpa died

*being a wonderful, godly, intelligent, humorous, creative example of what men should be

*always loving me, supporting me and being there for me no matter what I have thrown his way

*being the perfect Daddy

Daddy's idea of chic includes Indian blanket prints...I guess...

Even now at the age of 24…my Daddy is my hero, my support system and the person I look to for approval and support. I can’t imagine that changing…even when things are rough between us (we’re both forceful personalities) I know that he loves me.

Thanks, Dad! I love you with all of my heart!

Dad and Cheryl




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