Random: Gum

20 01 2010

Something random about me…I love gum. I chew altogether way too much gum on any given day. Part of it is that I used to be a typist at a high stress job and gum enabled me to chomp away on gum instead of the insides of my cheeks (sorry if that was graphic). I also like having fresh breath…like I am obsessed with having clean breath since it kind of bugs me when someone really needs gum but they aren’t chewing on it…or mints.

I buy a lot of Xtra Polar Ice, Dentyne (in those awesome packs that are huge), Trident Layers sometimes…but I am not a big fan of fruity gums….always try to rock the mint!

Here is a great giveaway by Miss Jenny on PB and Jenny that will allow you to get some gum of your own!!! Check it out!!


What is your favorite flavor of gum? Or are you a mint person?

I have a strange weakness for Altoids…seriously, so good! I also love the Lemon Altoid Sours…they make my lips pop because they are sooo tart!




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