Winter Blahs

18 01 2010

I think it is safe to say that I am battling the winter blahs.

I have been trying to get through these hard, cold, dreary winter days without letting the lack of sunlight and warmth get me down but I am a little stressed. There are a series of issues weighing heavy on my head (the need to get a job, the need to find an apartment, the need to get health benefits going, balancing phone, car and health insurance, medical bills, paying back tuition for my last semester of college and assorted accumulated bills from college) but I am trying to stay positive. I think that it’s a mental thing…letting yourself wallow in self pity or making the decisions to do the thing that will keep you moving forward, no matter how small or large that is.

Today I interviewed for a potential job. I was apprehensive because it has been a while since I last interviewed (three and a half years) and I am a little wary of things that could come off as negative for future employers. I want to present myself in the best light possible and get the job…I challenged myself, went and did it, had a great experience and I am praying that I get the job. It’s something that I want…I am using the power of positive thinking to get me there 🙂

When you are battling the weather blues or seasonal depression or even just your own personal negative self talk…how do you get yourself going? How do you stay positive, creative, motivated, passionate?




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