Retail Therapy

16 01 2010

Today I did something I don’t often indulge in…I went shopping. Heath and I went to the mall in SuFu for some retail therapy after we dropped our boyfriends off at Brian’s to watch the Cardinals/Saints game…apparently we do not rank over NFL playoff games so we went shopping instead. It was Crazy Days at the mall, which meant great sales but crappy stuff…sad.

We went to almost every store in the mall.

We walked a lot.


*she showed me the engagement ring she picked out with K for sometime in the next year…all her picks were beauties!

*finding great hand sanitizer deals at Bath and Body Works (I am obsessed with cleaning my hands, must be the OCD)

*getting great deals on adorabs undergarments at Vickies…no more to say, I will spare you!

*finding great shoes at Charlotte Russe and a faux fur capelet that I wish I had the balls to buy

Awesome to get some girl time…I really enjoyed hanging with Heath and dishing on guys, clothes, shoes and the massive amounts of pre-teens wearing an inordinate amount of metal in their faces.

I believe that it’s key to separate some time for yourself when you are in a relationship…D and I have been dating 5 years and I am just starting to learn this. I’m not saying I have the perfect relationship approach (I absolutely do NOT) but I know that having time for yourself keeps you and your partner sane and balanced. It’s good to maintain friends of your own (and to have friends with your partner) to keep your identity separate. Maturity, balance, security in yourself and your relationship all equal a relationship where it’s ok to get coffee or drinks with the girls, go shopping, take a bubble bath alone (or watch the game with the guys or grab wings and beer for the boy readers) when you’re dating someone. Remember that balance is the key!!!

For other therapy…Chocolate Covered Katie has a great giveaway! A Vita Mix…amazing, right??? Head over and

*donate to Haiti Response teams

*enter the giveaway!!!

Here is the link:




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