14 01 2010

Ok, so I am still trying to get my blog off the ground. This sort of began as something casual where I could come and write some thoughts but it developed into something more…potential for a book; a place to remember, analyze and share experiences in writing; a place to grow. I wanted to write to clear my mind and soul, and so far…that is what has happened! Writing has been so cathartic for me in that I feel cleaner, lighter, more joyful when I write…and the response has been amazing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the readers and those who have supported me and Musings. It’s a tiny little blog but it has become something I love and look forward to every day. I love writing and I am glad you are here for my journey! Each new reader sends a thrill of excitement through me…so thank you for “delurking” and introducing yourselves!

I made some changes but updating my blogroll and adding pictures to the “My Story” page…there will be more as I edit and add to the blog in the next coming weeks. Thanks for hanging in there as I make these changes!




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