Safe and Sound

12 01 2010

This weekend was a success. I can’t go into details but a lot of progress was made and I am really glad I committed to making things happen this weekend.

I did get the chance to go for my graduation dinner with my dad and D at this cute little place that my dad is obsessed with,

It was a great dinner…we started with a basket of bread with honey whipped butter and EVOO/Balsamic to slather or dip according to preference. I got a glass of pinot grigio (fav!) called Hogue from Columbia Valley, WA – 2008. It was dry and crisp with a slight fruity aroma with the first mouthful. I had two glasses of that throughout dinner and loooooved it! One of my new favs, for sure.

I got the Smoked Mozzarella Sundried Tomato Manicotti (which is vegetarian and amaze) with fried artichokes on top. I ate one of the three manicotti that came out (jumbo serving) but it was great…since I had 4 tiny slices of bread before dinner which probs amounted to 1 regular slice (sandwich size). It was a great meal but we got a cheesecake trio to end it all and they were great! I pretty much dominated the regular cheesecake, peppermint and a tiny sliver of the pumpkin cheesecake. These looked like they were made in the bottom of a shot glass (so tiny and cute) and I loved the small portions. It was a great way to celebrate graduation and I loved spending it with my dad and D!

I did find a few old lost treasures….my baby book that my mother made for me when her sister got into Creative Memories years ago and which she promptly began to use to fill her time as a housewife. She made my brother and I each baby books (mine only goes to age 9, though) and then an album for our summers at Brainerd Lake at our summer cabin and an album for our trip to Walt Disney World when I was 10 or so. She also made albums for her and my dad’s trip to Alaska on a cruise for his 40th, their trip to the Dominican Republic for her 40th and other vacations. Can’t wait to look through those and relive some memories…and find inspiration for the book and blog.




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12 01 2010

thats cool

13 01 2010
Ms. A. Topp.

Hey Girly…

I’ve been horrible about keeping up lately! I am glad the weekend was a success. I was thinking of you as I read your post about being unsure about the weekend! Sometimes things and people surprise you! πŸ™‚

P.S. I just tried the Hogue Riesling last night- It is one of my favorites now, too!

14 01 2010

Yeah, this weekend definitely reopened some old memories but it was so nice to clean out the old house and have a clean slate going forward! Glad you liked the Hogue πŸ˜‰ always ready to spread the news on new wines that appeal to me and hopefully others!

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