Out of Range

9 01 2010

Today I leave Sioux Falls for Baxter, MN where my dad has finally sold his house…that giant, rambling, all-too-expensive dream house that he and Jennie built…and which now stands as a reminder of their failed marriage. It’s ironic that such a solid edifice would have a crumbling marriage inside…it kind of stings to remember the pain that house brought, so in a way, I am glad we are selling the house and giving it the chance to bring someone else joy as they build their life. It’s also bittersweet to see the potential that the house had and what it represents for me now.

I need to go up North and go through all my things in my old room. My dad won’t have a place for them and it is my responsibility to save what I want and need and purge the rest. I make this trip in the hopes of catharsis and the knowledge of what a tough weekend it might be. I would like to look at it positively and say that it wont be tough to go through all the old furniture and stuff to see what needs to be donated or thrown and what can be kept. Most of my friends still have a childhood home with a room that was theirs when they were growing up and it is filled with trophies, old fried flowers, pictures and memories…I get no such opportunity to hold onto my past. In a way, that is a good thing because I hold onto my past all too much so this forces me to move forward, clean out the proverbial and literal closets and get on with my life without baggage.

I won’t be posting much this weekend as today involves 6 hours of travel and then dinner with my dad, brother, brother’s gf and D. I asked D to come with to share in the driving and to keep me company. I will need his moral support (hopefully not too much) as I go forth to drag the skeletons out of the closet. D and I will be driving back to Sioux Falls on Monday so expect a post on Monday night of Tuesday morning.

Have a wonderful weekend, be safe!

Question: How do you deal with the chaos of moving? Do you pack everything up and go through it at the new dwelling or do you go through it before you pack it so you have a fresh start at the new residence? Any packing tips?

I always go through my stuff before I move, pack it and then organize it at the new house so there is less clutter from the place I was at before the move. I have written on here before about my issues with moving (I moved **https://dougak23.wordpress.com/?s=nomad three times as a child and 6 times in college so I am ready to be done moving!) so with that much experience, I have a game plan when it comes to moving….




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