7 01 2010

I am entirely too cold. I do not enjoy the cold…I’m Asian, I like warmer climates than this. There is something wrong with the weather…because tomorrow it is supposed to be -25 degrees and -35 to -45 windchill values. I do not approve. Ok, enough about the weather…

One memory arose from my childhood as I was bundling myself up to brave the elements to get my car battery changed.

I remember this hazy moment where I am really young, sitting in my nightgown at the table with a mugful of hot chocolate. The steam rises in pearly tendrils, caressing my face as I bend over the china cup. It’s an act as full of awe and wonder as a Catholic genuflecting…I love this sense of comfort as a warm drink slides down my throat, coating my tongue with sweet cocoa. I love the joy as sugar rushes into my bloodstream, the impression of being a grownup as I draw a mouthful of steaming liquid into my mouth and savor it as I have seen my father drink his coffee in the mornings before he leaves for his office. I love drinking cocoa at night before bedtime…it’s a moment all to myself, where I can savor the steaming drink and bask in the love that this drink represents. Even though it’s just hot water mixed with a powdered cocoa…it represents love because someone warmed the water, chose a mug, mixed the water and powder with a delicate spoon and placed it in front of me…someone cared enough about me to make me a bedtime treat…I love cocoa, its warmth encircling me like an embrace.

For me, in this moment where I am a child whose feet still dangle above the floor, dressed in a pink nightgown, cupping a china cup filled with cocoa…I feel safe.

For me…cocoa equals love.




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