2010 is here…

6 01 2010

Sorry for not posting for so long! Things have been kind of crazy for the last four weeks and I know I should have been more committed to blogging even when things were crazy but I needed a disconnect from technology for a while. After finals, I kind of had a meltdown and needed to stop writing and reading because I was burnt out! I am back, ready to write and full of zeal for the new year that is upon us.

To recap: I graduated with a BA in English Literature on December 12, 2009 and I am ecstatic that this portion of my life is done. I earned that degree with a lot of sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears so I am glad to say I am done! I am now focused on studying for the GREs and applying to one of my dream schools for graduate work in Colorado, New Mexico or Arizona! Exciting! I am looking at schools where I can enter into a Masters/PhD program simultaneously since PhD programs often choose candidates from the Masters pool. My professors have recommended a comparative literature program where I can focus on a subset (either Russian or Asian literatures) in subsequent years of study. I did the math…4-5 more years of school before I can count PhD or a Masters in my list of accomplishments…do I really think I am prepared for this?

The night of the 12 Bars of Christmas pub crawl was amazing! We met up at my friend Stun Gun’s home and I handed out shirts, directing the rest of the group to meet at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown (where a group of friends out of town had booked rooms) and we were off! It was a night of debauchery, drinks and dancing! I had a great time celebrating with my friends and I am really glad that I put so much effort into making the shirts because everyone liked them. My friend, Friendo, handed the reins of 12 Bars over to me for the next few years because he thinks he is too old to be doing it anymore…so I gladly took responsibility for the event until I find someone younger to pass it on to…

I went to Sioux Falls on Dec. 13th and have been here ever since. I enjoyed a week of relaxation after finals where I anxiously awaited grades to come in…let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised and passed all my classes (it always worried me that you graduate before final grades come out!).


*Shell arrives home

*Grode Family Christmas (I got moccasins since my first pair got trashed on the 12 Bars pub crawl)

*Drinks with Meg Ray at McNally’s

*Blizzard arrives, we get snowed in with 19″ of snow (biggest MN/SD blizzard since Halloween blizzard of 1991)

*An entire day of digging out of 19″ of snow and massive piles from the plows!

*Making gingerbread cookies and gingerbread houses with D, Shell, John (mine had a tiny house for Dolce)

*Celebrating Christine’s (D’s cousin) 21st bday with margaritas and bowling

*Celebrating Connie’s (D’s aunt) bday at the tiny skank bar, Bottoms Up, (used to be a strip bar called Up Your Glass) where we took over the jukebox with Lady Gaga and David Guetta (Sexy Bitch!), bought tons of shots (Starry Nights, Purple Rains, Jag Bombs) and I accidentally walked into the boys’ bathroom instead of the girls’ when there was some random dude in there…and 30 people saw it.

*Christmas Eve Mass and opening presents with the Grodes

-Got D a new black dress coat and Band of Brothers box set

-He also got a Garmin, new boxers, jeans and sweater, Inglourious Basterds, beer kit, and other random stuff

-Highlights for me were a reversible Team Edward/Team Jacob bag filled with New Moon stuff, magnet and vegan lip smear from Victoria’s Secret from Shell, Kenneth Cole perfume, DVDs (Evita, Marie Antoinette, The Fountain, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers), New Moon director’s cut book, Heat by Bill Buford, six new shirts for Dolce, scarves, slippers, ornament, chihuahua calendar, other random stuff…

*Spending NYE with D (he made me a romantic dinner and we watched Inglourius Basterds)

*Dinner at HuHot with Shell and John (love that place because I can load up with fresh veggies instead of playing the “does this have meat in it somewhere” game

*Getting my phone set up with a 4G sd card so I can finally load music on it…I have been meaning to do this with my last three phones but never have until now…tons of Blue October, RHCP, MGMT, Lady Gaga, DMB, Eric Clapton and other random music

*Tons of job searching, apartment searching, trying to figure out life!

For now…just trying to get a job! My dad sold one of our four houses and he needs me to go through my old stuff up there so he can empty it, put everything in storage and get it ready for closing in 16 days! I have not been up there for years so I need to go through all my old junk and throw out donate as much stuff as possible. D will be making the 6 hour trip with me!

My new goals for the next year is to

*blog more consistently

*apply to grad school (writing samples, GREs, moving plans, teaching assistantships, etc)

*work on my book (lord…that is a headache right there)

*be more positive…I am so blessed and I need to focus more on the good and less on the bad)

*pay down some debt

I don’t like to do the whole NY resolution thing because I believe that if you want to change something, you should do it right then and there rather than wait for the NY. I also think that people don’t stick with their NY resolutions as much when the novelty wears off so here’s to making changes, making goals!

What are your goals for 2010? What are your dreams and plans? How do you feel about NY resolutions?




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