24 12 2009

I don’t remember the blizzard of 1991 because I was only six years old and I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween so I am sure that my family was either sitting in the basement with all of the lights out watching movies and ignoring the doorbell or we were at church. Given the weather conditions, I am betting that we were sitting in the basement. Part of me is grateful that I cannot recall that last big blizzard because storms (of any nature) seem to make me anxious and I am one to worry about variables I cannot control. I worry that the power will go out, we will run out of food, the pipes will freeze, the house will catch fire, the snow will never stop, someone we know will go off the road and get trapped and freeze, etc. I worry a million anxieties that I cannot avoid but most likely will not happen. For this reason, I avoid storms and try to ignore them if I can. This Christmas seems to be one where I cannot ignore the inevitable storm that is closing in with a vengeance.

I have been keeping an eye on the weather but I am getting more nervous as time passes because more closings are happening and the snow is falling faster and thicker as the day wears on. I am worried about trying to get to the midnight Mass tonight as well as a ton of other issues that might arise when storms of this nature come up. Luckily, I can say that I am surrounded by people I love and we are all safe and sound right now. I think that things will be ok but I am praying for all of the people working, traveling, fighting the cold and the elements for the next couple days until this storm passes. Please be safe this year…make smart decisions and don’t leave the safety of your dwelling unless necessary…being Catholic, Mass is a necessity unless the weather prevents it…and in this case, even when the weather prevents it 😉

Merry Christmas Eve!




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