23 12 2009

My gingerbread house crumbled tonight. It fell apart a few times after I carefully iced the edges, joints and base with royal icing that D’s sister, Michelle, considerately mixed together. I had the best of plans a few weeks ago when Michelle and I put the ideas together for homemade gingerbread, icing and candies to decorate our beautiful creations…it was much more difficult to create something worthy of decorating.

We mixed and measured and rolled out 3 batches of gingerbread dough for the houses tonight, throwing the dough in a metal bowl covered with a dishcloth on the porch to cool before we rolled out spreads of rich colored dough. The houses were based off of simple shapes that we thought might allow us to create houses of some dignity and stature but it was harder to put the pieces together. I kept getting different pieces and wondering whether they would be a better fit…wondering whether one would suit the situation better than a different one if only I could find the perfect one. It was an interesting night filled with trial and error…

I wonder about the connections between crumbling relationships and crumbling gingerbread houses since both are of our making and they are things that we take pride in maintaining. I feel as if a crumbling house would mirror a crumbling relationship, and much as we should mend a falling wall or sliding roof with royal icing and supports made of candy canes and other pieces of gingerbread…shouldn’t we fix our relationships with kindness, forgiveness, understanding and compassion? I believe that we need to understand each other and find ways to fix the cracks, the crumbles and the falling walls in our relationships as we would do if we were building a home made of gingerbread…please think of the relationships that need care, compassion and comfort and take the time before the year ends to mend them. It could mean the world to someone who needs a kind word or a smile….

As much planning goes into making a gingerbread house…more goes into creating the base, form, walls, construction and decorations for a relationship where we seek solidity and stability…think on this as you contemplate those you love and care for this holiday season!




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