21 12 2009

Studies show that this year has been difficult for shelters, food shelves, and organizations that assist in giving needy families a little better holiday. The recession has hit everyone hard and people are less and less into their pockets to give to the needy since the gut reaction in times of economic distress is to hold onto every penny. Unfortunately…this means that we should be giving more and more to these organizations since the recession means that there are more families and individuals in need at this time of the year when food costs, energy costs, bills and needs sky rocket…kids need warm coats, hats, mittens and boots to keep them warm on their way to and from school and when they are playing outside; families need good food to keep them full and healthy when colds and the flu are running rampant; parents might need a little extra help putting those presents under the tree…so what does this mean? It means that this is the time of year when we usually dig a little deeper in our pockets and throw our loose change in those red buckets outside grocery stores and Walmarts, we drop some canned goods off on the way out of the grocery store, we pluck a name off trees full of needy families who ask for warm clothes and something fun for their kids. But with the recent plunge in earnings, people are doing this less and less. Please reach down and grab a handful of change from your pockets and drop it in those red buckets, go through your old clothes and donate winter clothes, hats, gloves, jackets, boots, etc. that you don’t use so someone who really needs it wont go cold this winter, drop a few more items than normal in that bucket on the way out of the grocery store.

This winter…I am unemployed. I am a college graduate but I have no job…no discernible income. I am living off unemployment (which will be running out soon) until I get a new job and I am terrified that I wont find anything. I pray that I will get some job soon, but I know there are families worse off. I throw my spare change in every red bucket I see, I buy canned goods and drop those off at food shelters and I plan on going through my winter clothes to donate some things. I have more than enough winter coats (and I rarely use all of them) so I plan on donating one to the Salvation Army so someone who needs a coat can get some use out of it.

Please reach out and touch someone else this season! Donate in any way you can for the people who need our help! Every little bit helps…every contribution makes a difference in someone’s life.

And remember that winter doesn’t stop at Christmas…keep contributing after Christmas since winters are long and harsh and it’s even more important to donate after the generosity of Christmas wanes.




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