6 12 2009

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile…I am fine, but this is finals week and I graduate on Dec. 12th so I am trying to get my finals done…hardcore.

I have six papers, 3 books to read, 1 presentation and 11 shirts to hand letter before that special day when I a) graduate and b) get to do the 12 Bars Pub Crawl!

The 12 Bars of Christmas have been going for 4 years and this is going to be my 3rd time going…it’s always the Saturday of finals week (aka graduation) and we get together and go to 12 bars in downtown Mankato. It’s hella fun, it gets bigger every single year and it’s very full of shenanigans. Everyone gets krunk and crazy and there are usually incredible stories that come of it the next morning when we get together for breakfast and realize that we all made terrible decisions the night before.

Last year, I decided to make t shirts for the event. I had bought shirts before from Brenden, the creator of this epic event, but I wanted to do something special since all my besties were going. Chili Pepper and Babs helped me hand letter 2 dozen shirts with puffy paint, spray them with glitter and hand them out. We bought the shirts, stenciled “12 Bars of Christmas” on the front along with “Mixed”, “Shots” and “Beer” so you could tally the number of drinks you have throughout the night and then a nickname and a list of the 12 bars on the back so if we got lost, we could figure out where we were supposed to go…this came in handy with such a big group. This year is even bigger, it was requested that I make shirts…and I am sitting here puffy painting shirts at 2 in the a.m. while ignoring the finals I need to be studying and stuff.

Soooooo…I wont be posting for a few days…I have a full schedule.

Big News: The boyfriend has an interview for an engineering job on Monday…we’re praying that he gets it because WE NEED THIS! Please pray for him on Monday if the thought crosses your mind…this is something amazing that could change our lives and it would make things much easier for both of us if God granted us this!

See ya in a few days!




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