Deck the Halls

1 12 2009

My Thanksgiving weekend was…interesting. I was nervous about spending a holiday with my Dad (the first in years), especially when I discovered that none of my relatives would be around (my aunt, uncle and two cousins went to NYC). I was disappointed that I wouldn’t see them since they are the only relatives that I saw with any regularity as a child and with which I still speak. I don’t speak to my mother’s side of the family and the rest of my relatives on my Dad’s side are in California and Colorado so I don’t see them very much and I had been looking forward to seeing Kim, Rob, Josh and Kevin. **Interesting note, my cousin Kevin is named after Kevin Costner, who my aunt crushed on admired in Dances with Wolves** My reaction in this situation was…buy whiskey and Diet Coke and make a lot of drinks to add social lubrication to the awkward situation.

Wednesday night was…horrible. I had a few drinks with D and my step mom (I made her slammin’ cosmos) and then my Dad got to the house and I had a chat with him that resulted in my crying for like 40 minutes. Not great. I can’t get into it here but we had some heart to hearts that really bothered me and made me feel frustrated and hopeless. I made stuffed shells for my vegetarian entree for Thanksgiving dinner and tested them for dinner that night (they were amaze!)

Thursday….stepmom and Dad decided that they were going insane were not serving wine with dinner. Oops…did someone fail to tell them that alcohol is necessary for family gatherings or the holidays in general? Apparently not. My brother was coming and he is a recovering alcoholic so I think they were trying to kill me trying to make things easier for him, which I understand and support. I mixed drinks in the guestroom and drank some whiskey Diets on my own to make things less painful and awkward because I was a cranky biotch for the beginning of the day as a result of not enjoying spending the day with a bunch of people my Dad married into instead of family. There was turkey, wild rice stuffing, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and other random stuff but I had stuffed shells and a mugful of mashed potatoes later. Not great…not terrible.

Friday through Sunday was spent relaxing at the house in Kato and the roomies decided that they wanted to erect the tree on Sunday night at 10pm. One hour turned into 5.5 hours of decorating, one trip to Walmart and then a few drinks. It was a success (although there is a condom instead of a star or angel at the top of the tree) and a good time but I stayed up waaaay too late and I was exhausted by the end of it and didn’t enjoy sitting there looking at it as much as I should have.

I’m crossing my fingers that I am not going to have horrible awkward situations from now til the end of the holidays…




One response

1 12 2009

I’m sorry you didn’t have a very fun Thanksgiving. I’ve had a few uncomfortable holidays in recent years and I know how you feel. UGH! But it sounds like you had a good time decorating your tree. A condom in place of a star or angel? I love it! That’s hysterical! Why not make it your own, right? BTW, I enjoyed reading your 25 random things. I secretly want to be a DJ – not sure why? I guess maybe I just want to be the reason people are dancing and having a good time? Hehehe. Kinda nutty! But thank you for being so honest in your posts. It takes courage to do that and will only help in your healing.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I can’t wait to learn more about you.

Take care,

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