25 Random Things About Me

24 11 2009

1) I adore the smell of old books – glue, old paper and bindings make me hot 🙂
2) I love the taste of toothpaste.
3) I am a vegetarian – I don’t eat anything with a face.
4) I am addicted to Diet Mt. Dew…the caffeine gets me through the days.
5) I am terrified of thunderstorms, heights, clowns, blood, needles and germs.
6) I am not ok with discussing bodily functions with people and I have code names for them.
7) I cross-stitch…a lot…yes, I am a little old woman inside.
8) I love my books about dorky stuff like elves, Merlin, medieval times and magic. (Dork.)
9) I secretly wish I had the skills to be in a dance crew.
10) I was diagnosed with OCD when I was little and it makes me weird about stuff.
11) I don’t drink milk because it makes me sick.
12) I was adopted from Suwon, South Korea and I someday want to return to explore it.
13) I had a pony when I was growing up, his name was Tuxedo…my Dad bought him for me as a bday gift.
14) I sleep with 11 pillows in my bed.
15) I have recipe collections and cookbooks but cannot cook for the life of me.
16) I oil paint…my dad has “collections” of my art at his house up north.
17) I struggle daily with food…it makes me sad that something so small can be so big of an issue.
18) My chihuahua is one of the most important things in my life.
19) I used to figure skate but switched to hockey because I wanted to check people into the boards.
20) I only see my dad once or twice a year. I see my mom even less.
21) I am terrified of porcelain dolls.
22) I secretly want a tattoo of my Korean name but cannot get over the idea that tattoos are permanent.
23) I hate odd numbers.
24) I am allergic to cheap metals, everything has to be gold, silver, stainless steel or platinum.
25) I fall asleep with a book in my bed almost every single night…books are my katharsis.




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