New Moon (Beware, Spoilers Ahead)

20 11 2009


I really enjoyed seeing New Moon last night. I had a celebratory shot or two before the movie because my roommates were drinking and building a bonfire in the backyard. Dizzle picked me up a quarter before 9 and we headed to the theater near campus where we planned on picking up the tickets (purchased beforehand using Fandango) and then going to Boomtown, a college bar. We were going to have a drink and keep an eye on the line to see when it was getting long, then we would go sit in line til the movie opened. I had heard a rumor that there were people “tenting it” in front of the theater at a quarter to 5 but I didn’t feel the need to go up that early. Bad idea.

We got up there, and there were people sitting all the way out the door…oops…guess we should have gotten there earlier. There were tons of girls sitting in their I HEART EDWARD or TEAM EDWARD/TEAM JACOB shirts waiting…they obviously had been there a while. We got the option to spend $5 more to see Twilight before New Moon and keep our seats…so we did that. GREAT idea because we had pimp seats, no worries about getting in (there was an issue with the computers selling more tickets than there were seats available) and we were relaxing during a Twilight Saga marathon. Awesome.

By the time New Moon started, Dizzle and I were pumped…and texting all our Twi-hard friends about the event.

Awesome movie, amazing acting, much better flow than Twilight (although I personally understand the artistic crafting of Hardwicke’s pov and what she was trying to convey with all the awkwardness in the first movie. It wasn’t bad acting, just a directorial decision that wasn’t understood, appealing to a wide demographic or successful in terms of what Twilight represents to millions of readers. I loved the wardrobe, settings, the way they changed the interactions of the characters and the lighting. I took issue with the new contacts because they exacerbated the dichotomy between the Cullens and the humans. Jacob was HOT and I loved that there was a collective gasp and “ohhh” from all the girls in the theater when he took his shirt off…Bella had it right when she said he’s “kinda beautiful” because homeboy was slammin’…and this is coming from Team Edward. The ending was amazing but left a lot open and generated a HUGE reaction from all the girls who came very close to throwing things at the screen when the movie ended with the proposal of a lifetime. I was amazed, moved, inspired and once again touched by how Twilight moves me over and over. I cannot wait to see it again and again.

Overall…amazing, well worth sitting in the theater for 5.5 hours and (since this was my first midnight showing) a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I cannot wait for June 30th when ECLIPSE comes out…the last two books were by far my favorites so I CANNOT WAIT…I swear I will die if they don’t make BD because I know the technology isn’t there right now but here’s a reason to improve CG so Renesmee can be portrayed accurately.

Ok, ok, enough of this…sorry about the rantings. I don’t usually write about this stuff but Twilight is a REALLY big part of my life and I had to review the movie. I will be back next week with my second impression of this flick!

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