New Moon

19 11 2009

Last night, I watched Twilight with one of my besties, Dizzle, after grabbing some Noodles and Company and a 2006 Cabernet/Merlot (Oko) to enjoy during the movie. My roomies Steaed and AJ watched with us and we had a blast reviewing the first book, the first movie and the scenes and emotions that lead up to New Moon. Yes, I am really excited…I might as well be 12 for how stoked I am to see this flick. I have been waiting for months to see this movie, impatiently waiting with the belief that November would never arrive, and then the first day that tickets went on sale, I got two immediately! I am really excited…

I know that a lot of people don’t get the hype (guys and girls alike) but I really appreciate the books…they’re amazing! Apart from the few proofreading errors and editing omissions, the books are well-written (not always the most challenging but fast paced, emotive, descriptive and well crafted) and I can connect to the characters. At first, I didn’t have the time to read them because I was so immersed in school readings, but when I picked up the books, I couldn’t put them down. They represent something that makes me feel more alive: they garner a reaction from me that has been absent for years that felt like nothing was new. I was so jaded when it came to books and movies (because so few gave me that reaction) but The Twilight Saga gave me something akin to the excitement of Titanic or when the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out.

For that reason, I remain loyal to a series that gives me hours of pleasure reading, connections to characters that I love and know and an excitement that colors my life with brilliancy. I like these books, and I am not trying to convince anyone to like them with me, but asking that people stop bashing me for enjoying something…I never thought these books would become such a big deal, but the excitement surrounding them must signal that others (a lot of others) feel the same way I do about these books, meaning that they are intrinsically something great.

With that being said, I am stoked for tonight, the midnight showing of New Moon! I have never pre-ordered tickets or gone to a midnight showing, but this is worth it to me. I am really excited…although a little anxious about the crowds because I hate being in thick crowds and crowded movie theaters.




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