19 11 2009

I acknowledge that I have experienced a lot in my lifetime. I also recognize the multitude of things in my life for which I should be grateful. My life has been filled with a variety of blessings that have been given to me through God’s grace; I need to slow down and look at the things I should be grateful for more often…here are a few of them:

1) My adoption.

My parents adopted me from South Korea as an eight month old infant because they had been told that they could not have children due to my mother’s kidney disease and kidney transplant. They wanted children, picked me and I had the opportunity to be adopted into a family that could give me a life I would never have had in Korea. I was blessed with a baby brother two years after I was adopted…another miracle.

2) My education.

I was lucky enough to attend numerous private institutions for my education (I only went to public school for four years, 9-12 grades) and I received many opportunities to participate in school plays, youth groups, music programs, spelling bees, invention fairs (I once went all the way to state and my story was published in a children’s book) and other activities that would not have been as rewarding in a big public school with kids who were not from my social background. My parents gave me the chance to mingle with other privileged, talented children and receive an excellent education…I am truly grateful for that.

3) My writing ability.

I love writing. I have journaled for years and blogged off and on for a few years, as well. Writing is cathartic for me and I am really excited to be discovering new outlets for my emotions as a result of recounting my history through writing on this blog. I cannot imagine a life where I could not express myself through words.

4) My boyfriend.

This wonderful man came into my life and made me feel special, beautiful, safe and strong. I found a whole new side of myself that I didn’t know existed and I am really glad that I have had the chance to spend the last four and a half years with him. He is a great, kind, sweet, thoughtful, generous, loving man…and he has healed a lot of wounds I never thought could heal.

5) My friends.

It has taken me years to find true friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin. I am really glad to have found my crew and I am blessed to have some really close friends in it who have showed me that friendship does exist. To Chili Pepper, Doom, Dizzle and Uppers…you guys have been besties of the truest kind and there for me when I needed someone the most. Thank you for your friendship, your kindness, being there for me when no one else wanted to be there…you guys are amazing.

Those are my first five…more to come! They may seem typical, but they mean the world to me!




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