Meat Free, Guilt Free

17 11 2009

I am a vegetarian.

I don’t think this surprises anyone who knows me because I have been a veg-head for over a decade and I am proud to say that I am considering veganism (which means refraining from the consumption of any product that contains animal products: eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, and of course meat). I wanted to try it for just a day, then just a week and then challenge myself to a month of veganism to work myself into it because I am a strong believer in not jumping into anything too fast. I think things should be eased into with moderation, whether that means eating vegan one meal a day, then eating vegan for a day, then working up to bigger things. I know this would be difficult, but I realize that I could possibly start eating really clean (and since I am trying to drop some lbs) to get my body back to banging.

I am just toying with this, it’s a big step and I don’t mean to offend anyone by this choice. I am accustomed to the jibes I get about my meat-free existence (most of my friends eat meat and think it’s funny when they can get a rise out of me by noisy mastication of chicken wings or a bloody steak). I am just trying to find a way to try this on for size and see where it takes me. I think it would be a fun experiment…especially if it helps me stay away from unnecessary Christmas goodies.

Most years at Thanksgiving, my Dad is in the Florida Keyes in our condo with my stepmom but this year he is going to be in MN for some reason. I usually spend my holidays with D’s family (who have so generously welcomed me with open arms into their home and lives on big holidays, making me feel welcome, loved and cherished! Thanks G clan!) but this year we are doing our second Thanksgiving with my Dad. We will be off to Anoka, MN on Wednesday night after I am done with class and D gets in from SuFu after work. We want to get up there the night before so I can make my vegetarian entree and then just reheat it the next day when the kitchen will be packed with meat product…ie big azz turkey roasting with sausage stuffing and gravy contaminating everything.

I am looking forward to a year with my Dad but dreading the carving of the turkey (which always makes me nauseous) and watching everyone gnaw away at food I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Granted, my Dad does a gourmet Thanksgiving revamped a la Cooking Light, but he does eat meat and somehow continues to forget that I am a veg-head. It amuses him, but after this many years, he can’t say that it is a passing teenage fad anymore, huh?

Here’s to Thanksgiving, the hope that I can say no to anything non-vegan and a prayer that we have plenty of organic Pinot Grigio to ease my entrance back into Daddy’s crazy holiday world…did I mention that I am excited? After all this reflection, I am actually excited to see my Dad on a holiday…even though I will miss the G Clan more than I can say!

PS, thinking of dressing my 4lb chihuahua up as a turkey for Thanksgiving…she wont be pleased but I might post a pic if we have success!





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