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16 11 2009

A few years ago, D’s sister mentioned this book series she was reading at the time…she asked me if I had heard of it, but I was so immersed in school that I didn’t have time to get into books for fun reading so I blew it off. Little did I know that I was going to fall…and hard…a few years later when I read the Twilight Saga.

I picked up the books, read the first one in a weekend and fell in love.

I finished the series in a couple months, reading the books in one or two days whenever I could get the money and time together to go pick up the next book in the series. I freaked out when the movie came out but kept my love of Twilight pretty close to the vest because I knew my friend group would make fun of me (not that it matters because we are all closet geeks. The guys in my group are video game addicts, Pokemon addicts, and go through little jaunts with whatever game, be it Oblivion, Resident Evil IV, Halo, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros, etc…so I don’t feel too guilty…although I do admit watching Digimon and Pokemon cartoons, owning all the Pokemon figurines and cards and having a PokeBall when I was growing up.

The turning point came when my bestie, Chili Pepper, asked to read the books and we started chatting about them all the time. I loved having someone else to drool with about the guys in the books and we soon discovered that we had another closet Twi-lover in the group, Dizzle. These two besties made Twilight drooling all the better…and now New Moon is coming out!!! 3 days, YES I am going to the midnight showing on Thursday, November 19th.

I am going to the showing with my girl, Dizzle (Chili Pepper was supposed to come but couldn’t *sad face*) and I am also scheduled to go with D’s sister, Shell. I am super excited (and I do mean super excited) to see it…like I have been sad and dying with the movie being released so far after the first movie. To make it worse, I was really looking forward to my pre-ordered copy of the Twilight Saga Guide (the official one written by SM) but its release date was pushed to more than a year away (like the end of December 2010) and I had a hissy, yes a hissy. New Moon has been long-awaited and I am super excited to see all the specials, sneak peeks and attention that the series has gotten…now I just have to deal with the people jumping on the bandwagon late and acting like they are die hard fans when they don’t know anything about it 🙂

I am secretly a melting little 12 year old girl inside, wishing I weren’t 24 and could drool all over RPatz.

Other things to look forward to this week: Tuesday is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Wednesday is D’s 25th bday, Thursday is the midnight showing of DROOLFEST2009 and then I can look forward to almost being done with my last semester here.

Sorry this post was so off topic and out of step with where I want my blog to go, but I am excited!

Edited to say: I still struggle knowing the series is done because I can’t let it go. I want to keep reading and it made me sad there were only four official books and one unofficial addition called Midnight Sun. I guess I got spoiled with the seven Harry Potter books that kept me interested and yearning for the next book for seven years…all I want are series that seem like they can never end…as long as they are as consistently well-written throughout.

I can at least breathe a sigh of relief that the third movie comes out in July so I only have to wait 7-8 months for the next Twilight fix. I am really excited that the director of 30 Days of Night (which I saw and liked although I went to it on a date with a douche) is doing the third movie because he did really innovative things with his material! I am so excited…and hope that they can get the technology to do Renesmee in Breaking Dawn so they can make the movie without recasting all the leads (I’m scared if it takes too long, they would recast all the big leads)…SM said she can’t imagine technology doing Renesmee justice because human CG isn’t where it needs to be yet…so techies…get on it!!!




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17 11 2009
Ms. A. Topp.

I am with you girly! Droolfest 09 all the way.I am seeing Twilight at 9 on then New Moon at midnight! I am counting down the days, hours, minutes… 🙂

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