13 09 2009

Ok, so I know I am kind of a dork when it comes to books and stuff but the Twilight saga is amazing. D’s sister asked me a few years ago if I had read the books but I wasn’t interested at the time. I finally got into them last fall when I read the first one on a whim and fell in love hardcore! I bought one of the books and would finish it in a weekend (most of the time when poor D was visiting from Lacrosse, WI) and I flew through them. I fell in love with the characters, the books, the concept and then when the movie came out I loved it! I am a TWILIGHT nut…yes…

NEW MOON’S third trailer was aired on MTV VMAs tonight and even though I had found it on the web earlier in the day, it was amazing seeing it again. I pretty spent most of the day watching the trailers over and over and bursting in tears. Go me.

I luckily have three other girls I know that are just as into the books as I am so I am not alone. I usually keep this pretty close to the vest because I am 24 and obsessed with Twilight, but I am coming out of the proverbial closet. TWILIGHT’S NEWEST MOVIE IS COMING





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