11 09 2009

8 years ago, tragedy struck the nation and ripped it apart. In a few short hours, disaster struck and many people were affected by 9/11’s horrors and loss and the evil that comes from the knowledge that people can plan and set in motion terrible things against each other. I lost a little bit of faith in humanity that day…only to have it reaffirmed by the selfless actions of the men and women who gave their lives to save others. The heroes that came out of that day amazed me with their stories of sacrifice and courage and reminded me that there are two sides to every coin. Even though one side of the 9/11 coin was smudged and darkened by the hate and evil of our attackers, the other side was beautiful and luminescent, shining with the good that heroes demonstrated that day.

I was 15, sitting in AP Chemistry and when the news came in, no one knew what to say, what to think, what to do. It seemed so far removed from me, and yet so close. I couldn’t believe that the safety, the security, the sense of being invulnerable had been taken away in one moment and that there was a rift torn in the middle of the nation…it’s taken a long time to get that security back, and for some people, I don’t think they ever will get that safety back.

Take a moment of silence today for those affected by 9/11. Remember the lives lost. Remember what we lost as a nation…then contemplate what we gained as a human race.




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