Book Burdens

31 08 2009

I am beginning the second week of class and I have not received all of the books I ordered online from the college bookstores…I am more than a little frustrated since it takes a lot more effort to do well in class and study when one does not have the books to read and study from. I had the brilliant idea to compare prices between Maverick Bookstore, MSU Barnes and Noble and and I chose to use the two campus bookstores because the last time I bought books online, they arrived at my apartment in eight waves of one or two books apiece and I didn’t have all of them in time for class to start. My bad…I still don’t have all of the books and have been scrambling to get the texts from friends, libraries, bookstores and PDFs online. I am frazzled.

This is only the second week and I am exhausted…both mentally and physically. I went out this weekend and spent a good part of Sunday lying in bed with a hangover trying to absorb the information from my linguistics text through osmosis by lying on top of the book while daydreaming and watching Scrubs. Epic fail. Class was a bore today and I didn’t learn much new information. I hope Intro to Linguistic Studies picks up or I might be forced to sleep through my 10-12 am class on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I now have a two hour break between class 1 and class 2 today so I am going to mope around campus, scrounge for some food and hopefully finish my readings for class 2 before the 2-4 class. I also stayed up till 2 am watching The Notebook and bawling my eyes out, then slept through my alarm til 8am before frantically showering, dressing and gathering books and academia accoutrement for the day…I barely got a spot in the free lot, didn’t pack a lunch and figured out that I shrunk my jeans because I felt like I had been poured into them when walking to campus from the distant and evil free lot.

Off to read…and perhaps beg the Barnes and Noble people for my books? In addition…I forgot my crack Diet Mt. Dew at the house and tried to get one on campus. The first machine had only regular pop: fail. The second machine ate my coins, then spit them out with an additional 15 cents which I didn’t deposit but kept anyway: fail. The third machine took the coins smoothly and asked me to choose a beverage…I hit the Diet Mt. Dew button and out spit a regular Mountain Dew: fail. This has not been the best Monday…especially because the phone is on its last battery even though I charged it last night? Does anyone else have a Verizon EnV Touch and the battery dies quickly? Epic fail…




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