The Blogs that Bolster My Life…

28 08 2009

Sooo…I read a lot of blogs…I do. I read a ton of blogs and I love them all. Each one contributes something different for me, supplementing a different part of my life, whether it concerns school, health, beauty, personal life, ED recovery, etc. I don’t know whether they would be offended by me (a self-proclaimed lurker) mentioning them so I wont…but I really love those girls and the examples they have set for me in the last 8 months that I have been reading their blogs. I usually “discover” a blog that appeals to me and start at the beginning of their blog and read through to their most current postings so that I really feel like I know what they stand for and where they come from. I have not been disappointed a single time…I have found so much great positive energy, love, intelligence and passion in their words that I have been inspired to continue my healthy living and continually try to improve 🙂

Thanks to all the women who write health and beauty blogs and who have inspired the countless readers to follow their brave footsteps towards healthier, cleaner living.




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28 08 2009

I love reading your blog ^_^

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