27 08 2009

I have to confess that I don’t use the blog as much as I should…and that is an issue. I guess with the full schedule of school, tutoring, homework, GRE prep, grad school searching, job searching and the boyfriend…I don’t have as much free time as I would like. I seem to spend most of that time sleeping 😀

Here is one of my favorite food/health/beauty blogs: Snackface! Kailey is this gorgeous and super healthy gal with one of the most fun spirits I have ever “met”. She interns at VegNews and I have really enjoyed reading through her summer adventures. I actually started reading HomeGirlCanEat because of Snackface! Those two beautiful blondes have a ton of fun!

My goal…to blog more…to actually fix my camera cord and start photographing my eats…and to make Musings into a more food/health oriented blog. I have refrained from posting my food because I am recovering from EDs and don’t want to trigger…maybe it’s time? I guess I have to search my heart to see if I am there yet! The good news is that reading about these other healthy girls is inspirational and something that helps keep me from triggering…so thank you to all the ladies I read!!!




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