Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

30 07 2009

I am finally catching up on some quality time with the boy…I spent two weeks here at the end of June/beginning of July (including the 4th) and then went back to Mankato for two weeks to pack/move. It was an eventful two weeks that exhausted me…job searching continues, the move out was a fiasco: 5 car loads and the car still isn’t unloaded, the room isn’t unpacked and I am feeling displaced still living out of a suitcase. The DollHouse didn’t get as thorough of a clean as it probably deserved but Chili Pepper and I gave it our all and tried our hardest to get the thing presentable. Then off to SuFu for another week and a half at the end of July/beginning of August.

The Grodes and Dougall/Karpen clan met for the first time July 25th and it went swimmingly. Everyone got along, the talks were natural and fun and there were no weird silences. The wine probably helped a lot…as did the plethora of strange things to do. We started with the Grodes picking me up in Mankato that afternoon and then traversing to Anoka where we had appetizers in the garden, wine in the living room when it started downpouring on us, wine and dinner in the garden (when the sun came out) and then we pushed our full tummies to the car show in Anoka. We walked around, went down by the river and took the long way home, where we had ice cream parfaits and coffee and talked more in the living room. The Grodes went back to their hotel while D and I stayed over…next day we got dropped off by Daddy (who had kidney stones) at the hotel, we got lost for an hour trying to find my old church (Pax Christi) in Eden Prairie. We found it five minutes after 11am mass started and got lost trying to find a lunch spot afterwards…we ended up having a mediocre lunch at Applebee’s in Burnsville…then a lOOOOOng drive back to Sufu.

The week has been uneventful except for the major fight that the boy and I had…all has been fixed now, thankfully. I helped clean the house (bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming and laundry) and did my online recipe research project, filed FAFSA papers and hung with the fam. Michelle (D’s sister) has a new beau so we went to HPVI on Mon night after I spent three hours with her at the dentist’s office because she had a tooth pulled and needed someone to drive her there and home. He was nice and they are happy for/with each other so I am pleased to see her with a smile on her face because of a boy…she has high standards (go girl!) and I am pleased that she found someone who meets them. I also helped her grab her bike for her upcoming race (Bike for MS) Aug 1-2. She will bike 75 miles each day and I am sure she will be tired but triumphant!!!

Tonight we are having dinner with Uncle Rich (a funny bachelor that upsets my dog) and then heading to The Pocket, where D’s dad plays group volleyball with friends and family. We’re going to drink beer and watch the game 🙂

I visited Hokeness Family Farm stand today with Michelle and we bought 6 lb of red potatoes and 12 ears of corn…everything looked so fresh and fun…I really wanted to buy some stuff but knew we had enough food at the Grode’s house so I refrained from impulse buying.

Sorry it has been so long since my last post…will post again soon…

Got 3 As in my summer lit classes…score another success for me!!!




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