Packing Tape

25 06 2009

My roommate and I have to be out of our apartment by July 20, which is when our 12 month lease ends. Both of us are sad to leave this apartment, nicknamed the DollHouse, because of the good memories we have here, the nice appearance and the close proximity to…well, everything. I don’t want to move, but we didn’t resign in time and now we are having to move for the next year….in the 90 degree heat.

J is moving in with my old roommate and her current boyfriend in Redwood Falls. He works there and has a house out there, but due to it being so small and the landlord not allowing pets, they are moving. They found a three bedroom house for quite cheap ($550) and they are going to be able to have pets so they can get the dog they want (Trigger!). I am sad that she is moving out there but she already has a full time job there and I am sure that they are looking forward to ending their long distance relationship. She is already moving her stuff out there…almost all her clothes are there and she has been taking more stuff with each visit. H’s dad is coming to get the rest of her furniture the weekend of July when we move out here and they can move into their new home.

I have been slowly packing for the last week or so, utilizing the books and bags I have here. I have three full bookcases stuffed with novels, notebooks, journals and magazines (mostly books) so I have been stuffing books in boxes and shoving them in our empty guest room so I can see what I have left to pack. I have a lot of clothes, a lot of shoes, a lot of books and a ton of stuff….other people leave some of their stuff at their parents’ home where they have a room that they grew up in but I don’t have that luxury so almost everything I own in the world comes with me whenever I move…and it’s getting really old. I miss being stationed in one residence for more than a year. I think this is one more sign that I am done moving and ready for a more permanent living situation.

I move in with some friends of mine in Mankato that live behind my church in downtown Mankato. They are all gay, super sweet and a lot of fun. S owns the house and is only charging me $300 a month for a room so I am hoping I can swing that since I still don’t have money…and unemployment hasn’t kicked in…frustrating…

This weekend and for the next week or so I am visiting my boyfriend’s house in Sioux Falls, SD so I am off for a week of relaxation, reading, hanging with the boy, fam, some friends I have out there and the Miss (my chihuahua).

I am bringing a huge bag of clothes, shoes, books, journals, the laptop, homework, cross-stitch work, etc. so I can stay busy while the man is away at work for the day.

Since it’s already 12 noon, I should get moving since I am want to leave by 2 this afternoon…eek! More to come once I get settled in tonight at the boy’s house.




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