The Good Stuff

15 06 2009

Finally, I feel like the boy and I are hitting our stride. I can’t think why things were so bad for so long but this weekend was really great…he came in with our mutual friend B from SuFu and stayed the weekend with me because he said he would rather spend this weekend with me than do anything else (like bachelor party crap, which apparently a few of N’s friends weren’t even invited to???). I was really touched, especially since he said that earlier in the week before I was laid off…boo. He has been super supportive and loving and patient listening to me bawl my eyes out, freak out, get mad, get sad, get accepting, freak out about resumes, jobs, unemployment, the future, bills, moving, insurance, birth control costs, etc. He is super sweet to put up with my freaky mood swings and he even bought me my fav pizza from the Hut…even though he got cheese stuffed crust *which is his favorite, not mine* he did get red onions, cheese and extra sauce on it…yummy. On Saturday, I was so worn out from a week of bad sleep (thunderstorms, freaking out that my alarm would not go off so I woke up every half hour to check the clock, drinking and staying up late reading blogs online (woohoo Google Reader!) and other issues)…I just used parentheses twice…oops. Too tired to fix it…so on we go! I napped all day Saturday on and off…partly from being exhausted from the emotional stuff on Thursday and Friday and partly because I was just relieved to sleep safe near D. I always sleep the best when he is here and I feel safe and cared for.

D was super attentive…he rubbed my back and my arms and hands (which always hurt, probably from all the typing) and then he snuggled me…letting me catch up on all the sleep I needed, amusing himself on the laptop while I slept even though I am sure he was bored. We rented Righteous Kill…which was lame and I didn’t really watch…I wish we had gotten something else.

We tried to clip Dolce’s nails and she scratched the shit out of my neck and chest…which resulted in me losing my temper, throwing her on the bed and verbally chastising her for a good five minutes…it hurt like hell. She of course overreacted and got all slinky and sad, crawling to her pillow like she was scared of me and being a baby…I do feel bad for losing my temper and being mean to her but she hurt me pretty badly.

I wrote my six page paper for American Contemporary Novel and uploaded it this afternoon at like 3 p.m. I was really not interested in putting more in it although I know that the other projects I saw were pretty awesome for the most part. I posted comments on others and then logged off D2L because I don’t really care anymore…if I get an A then I am pleased…I better get an A!

I have to read MAUS I for Thursday and then re-read A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah for Tuesday and watch some crappy online movies in QuickTime for my Survival Stories class…and then try to buy my freaking books for Wordsworth and Keats…for the other summer class I am taking…

PLUS…my new phone should arrive tomorrow or the day after. I bought it today because I was up for an upgrade with Verizon’s New Every Two…and my other phone, the LG Chocolate, was broken. Well, everything works except the screen, which doesn’t work, so I have to take the two phones to Alltel and have all my info from the Chocolate transferred to the new phone…and try not to ruin the touch screen on my new ENV Touch!!! I am excited because it has the full QWERTY keyboard that I like and the touch screen (that I hope doesn’t drive me nuts)…please let it arrive tomorrow!

Also, I need to buy eyeliner…lame…




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