3 06 2009

The weddings are coming to a close and I am almost relieved…weddings have been nonstop and fast and furious the past few years.

I still have a packed summer though…three summer classes.

Next weekend…a date with my roomie.

Then Nick and Kayla’s wedding and another visit with Daddy and Cheryl in Anoka the night before the wedding.

Then a weekend at Breezy Point.

Then it’s 4th of July!

Then it’s a weekend off.

Then it’s Apple River with the crew!

Then my parents and D’s parents are meeting in Anoka for the first time in the four plus years we have been dating.

Then it’s Lollapalooza…which I don’t get to go to…but I am moving that weekend instead because the lease on our house is up and I am moving…to the house by Neighbor’s down by Sibley Park or in with Chili Pepper, AJ, Jake and Steaed.

Then two more weeks….

Then it’s my birthday and back to school…for my final semester as an undergrad!!!

AUGH! So much going on…so little free time…so many obligations…so many planned things…at least it makes the weeks fly by!

Pray I don’t lose my senses trying to survive this crazy summer!




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