Meet the Wilsons

3 06 2009

Jake and Katrina met when we were all still in college, living at Huntington Hills with the crew. It was an odd couple since they had hung out near each other for years and never really clicked til they did all of a sudden, fell in love and now they are Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wilson. They are a pair I see making the distance because their personalities are so compatible and they are so in love…but more than that, they are friends…best friends. You can tell by looking at them, seeing the way he looks at her (he cherishes the ground she walks on) and the way they interact. I think they are an amazing couple.

The ceremony was gorgeous. Etta decorated the car when we got there and Doom, B Lars and Uppers were the ushers, so D and I hung out with them until others flooded in at 9:30 a.m. The photos went late so no one got seated til after 9:45 a.m. and I was worried that the wedding would start late if things didn’t get moving. Our crew was ushered in, sat and watched the ceremony. Katrina looked amazing…Katrina looked beautiful!!!

The best thing about the wedding was that it was formal but it didn’t seem stiff or fake because everyone was worried about it being perfect. April forgot the words for her reading in the dressing room bathroom and actually went and got them after she realized that she didn’t have the verse at the podium. She desperately started looking in the book on the lectern but the pastor told her that it wasn’t a Bible…soooo…off she ran. Luckily, the singer covered her and sang “Ave Maria” which was next anyway so she did her reading when he was done singing.

The other funny part was at the end of their vows when Katrina and Jake were supposed to repeat vows at the end and they both screwed up, laughed and finished by doing it right…I love that their goofy, relaxed personalities didn’t get stifled by the ceremony.

We all headed over to Buck Hill for the reception…D got us lost and we had a nasty fight which made me angry with him for a majority of the reception. We ended up getting there when everyone else was walking in…and I realized I was sat at a table in the back with “The Girls” instead of my besties…I was crushed. Instead of sitting with my best friends, I got stuck in the back where I couldn’t see, we were the last to eat, I didn’t get a piece of cake because they stopped serving it by the time they got to us…it was lame.

I tipped back four Mimosas at the beginning and had a small flute of champagne for the toasts…then off to the back porch for pictures, talking and the tossing of the bouquet and garter. AJ was being obnoxious all day and I was trying to be nice to her for the sake of the wedding even though she annoys me and I don’t consider her a friend. I wonder why she was even there? She is so desperate acting, always complaining about guys not liking her, not calling her…please. Well, she caught one of the small bouquets Katrina threw (I wouldn’t be surprised if she wrenched it from someone else’s hand) and then Uppers made the hilarious and all-too-appopriate comment “Good, now she caught the bouquet, maybe she can finally find someone and stop bitching”…so tired of hearing her drama and her whining…and so is everyone else in the crew.

Anywho…we made a beerrun and headed to the hotel to check in…at which point Doom and Voldemort left for Hilton’s (lame that she tried to make another party in the party for Jake and Katrina and took all the attention and focus off of them and onto her and her apartment party). Instead of everyone staying at the hotel, they were excited to get back to Hilton’s…lame.

Anyway…the responsible people (or the couples) stayed at the hotel and had a blast…except for noisy horny people sleeping in the bed next to me…and Adam, KP and Bryan calling the room pretending to be the front desk and Bryan and Chrz sneaking in the room to get leftover pizza…

Next day was a relief to pack and go home and get in sweats and lay in bed.

Another wedding in two and a half weeks and then no more weddings for the rest of the summer…although that doesn’t mean I wont be busy…




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