What Matters Most

2 06 2009

I took Friday off with Paid Time Off hours so that I could focus on the gazillion things I needed to do before D and I left for the Cities. The plan was to head to Anoka and spend some time with my dad and Cheryl because I haven’t seen them since August. I woke up early in anticipation of all that I needed to do and got on it. I wrote a five page paper about Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five and Hemingway’s In Our Time, submitted it online and then finished laundry I had started the night before, folding it and sorting through it. I knew I needed to pack for the wedding so I got my things together, got dressed (new tank top with blue and white tie dye pattern and wooden rings on a racerback tank with dark jeans, sandals and curly hair and aviators). D got in town midday and we filled up with gas, packed, went to the bank and then got Chipotle for me and BK for him.

I am in love with Chipotle…it’s bad. I ate Chipotle twice in one weekend, which is NOT good…calorie wise…but mine aren’t bad in terms of ingredients, size and calories, just heavier than I normally choose. I get a Fajita Burrito with rice, the peppers and onions, cheese, sour cream, Romaine and guac on the side. Most of the time these are smaller in size because I don’t get beans or meat so I don’t feel bad when I can eat the whole thing. Calories are lower, as well…although the tortillas are hefty. Yum-O.

The drive wasn’t too bad, I took a short nap…D hit traffic at the end but it was smooth coasting into town. Cheryl has one of the sweetest houses I have ever seen in my life, complete with climbing ivy, a pond in the back garden where ducks swim and beautiful flowers all over. I want to buy that house…if I could.

For dinner, we had roasted veggies sprinkled with parmesan and a hearty sprinkle of salt and pepper. I also had canteloupe, honeydew melon, strawberries, cherries and watermelon salad as a side. I had a five ounce pour of Pinot Grigio with dinner and a Diet Cherry Cola before dinner that I sipped on throughout dinner, too.

Catching up with Dad and Cheryl was wonderful…after dinner, my brother called and that was great…I don’t talk to him much anymore. Later, Dad drove everyone to Dairy Queen where they got dessert…I can’t eat that crap because it makes me sick so I passed. We watched Leno’s last show and then I read Light in August til 12:30 when I drifted off.

Of course I woke too early because I was excited for the wedding…5:40 early…grr.

I read some more, then showered, did hair and makeup, woke the boy, got dressed, got the boy some fruit for breakfast and then repacked, said goodbye to Cheryl and Dad and then we took off after some pics in the back garden.

We got to the wedding too early.

Katrina looked gorgeous…more to come on the wedding post because I am knackered and need to sleep before I work tomorrow…and then class.

Thoughts to take from this weekend…what matters most? Family, love, friends, happiness.

What matters the most to you? What are the things that you cherish the most in life.




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