Katrina’s Last Fling Before the Ring…

25 05 2009

Saturday was Katrina’s Bachelorette party, combined with Jake’s Bachelor party! Chili Pepper and I drove to Minneapolis for lunch at Bucca di Beppo, picking up A on the way out of town. It was a relaxing drive up and it went by surprisingly fast since Chili Pepper and I chatted most of the way up. She doesn’t like driving in the Cities and I grew up doing it so we switched in Belle Plaine so that she could relax while I headed into DT Minneapolis.

Lunch was fun…17 ladies crushed into a small dining room, shoulder to shoulder. Katrina’s mom, aunt, sister and a few of her sorority sisters were there when we got there, and she looked gorgeous because she had a practice run of her updo done before lunch…very classic, swept back, and delicately coiffed. She always looks beautiful and she seemed radiant and peaceful at lunch. More sorority girls came, along with Jake’s mom and grandmother and some of the other girls from the crew. It was a nice assortment but kind of strange because we didn’t know many of the ladies and the environment was kind of strained until we played some games.

April, Katrina’s sister, had planned the gathering and she made us play a game where something naughty was written on a card that we had taped to our foreheads and we had to ask “yes” or “no” questions to figure out what we were. Based on what our word was (I was “nurse” and Chili Pepper was “vibrator” and so on), we switched places at the table so different people could sit near each other and chat. I somehow managed to keep smushed in a corner because people kept telling me not to move? Oh well…

Katrina’s mom said that everyone should order large dishes (family style) and a side and then we would pass them around the table to share. Knowing that everyone ate meat, Chili Pepper and I got a smaller dish (hoping it would be nicer on our pocketbooks…it wasn’t) with no meat but she was moved half the table away before we ate, so I had a manicotti stuffed with cheese, a few string beans and a hunk of bread that wasn’t very good so I didn’t eat the rest of it. Everything else had meat so I was disappointed.

I did have an amazing Mango Berry Martini when we got there that was cool, crisp, tropical and perfect. I loved it…it took the edge off of my caffeine shakes since Chili Pepper and I had gone shopping at Old Navy that morning for $1 flip flops and picked up Coke Zero, cash at the ATM, Parliament Lights (for me) and Sugar Free Rock Stars on the way to the Cities and for the party at the lake (mixers). I declined a second since I knew that we would be heading to the lake for a night of drinking…and I was glad, because we ended up taking the entire bill and splitting it 17 ways. It was a $344 tab or so and we each paid $25.50 at the end…spendy. Chili Pepper and I had thought that we had dodged that bullet by getting something small but we were wrong…

We also had to chuck up $10 for the psychic, who gave surprisingly insightful readings about our future and the kind of person we are. I was trying not to read too much into her reading going into it because I think most psychics are frauds but she was pretty right on for Chili Pepper and I (who had three of the same cards in our tarot card readings…we have a “connection” apparently). Expensive day…

$13 1 liter Windsor whiskey

$9 Parliament Lights, 2 liter bottle Coke Zero and 2 liter bottle Diet Coke

$2 5 lb bag of ice

$10 psychic reading

$25.47 Lunch at Bucca di Beppo

And more to come in a few days when we go to the Cities and have the hotel room, liquor at the Night Reception and other entertainment costs plus gas and such. I am broke…work keeps cutting hours and I am realizing now that these events are expensive when you add them all up…but worth it for the memories.

After lunch, out to Jake’s family Lake House on Lake Sylvia. Great little place in South Haven where the lake’s clear waters ripple up to the shore. The guys had played paint ball that afternoon and drank keg beer all day and were grilling out when we got there at seven o’clock. It was a nice night of drinking, going out on the pontoon, swinging, skinny dipping for Doom and Frosting, Chinese Golf, bean bags, music, singing, dancing, shots, toasts, shenanigans and other things that I don’t think we should remember or speak of.

Random Moments included:

The tree fort in the front yard which had four drunk people stuffed in it at the end of the night.

Doom and Frosting skinny dipping in the chilly lake.

Rudder giving me a hug and falling on me, which made my back go out again and resulted in pain for most of the evening’s remainder.

Chilling in the loft for a heart-to-heart and resulting in a “peanut gallery” where Doom, Slothmonster, Chili Pepper, Stun Gun and me lingered, hid and had volleys of wrapped candies chucked at us. We threw them back and shenanigans ensued til the Enforcer took the ladder away, Chili Pepper had to pee so we made him put it back, I dropped a Reeses Pieces into someone’s drink and then we were Ole’ing and hollering and being annoying…and the Enforcer shoved Mr. Tubbs (my stuffed bear who comes everywhere for overnights with me) down his pants.

Mr. Tubbs getting tossed off the porch.

Fej and Stun Gun re-enacting Titanic on the front of the pontoon…much to everyone’s amusement.

Fej’s irrational fear of Sasquatch…resulting in locked doors and him cowering on the kitchen floor rather than sleeping in his car because he thought Sasquatch would get him.

Fej retaliating against a tick by putting him in a pot and spraying it with whipped cream.

Doom and Fej and then Allison and April taking Blow Job shots out of each other’s crotches.

All in all, a success. The next morning was a little rough…waking up and feeling horrible, saved only by being able to sit on the dock and enjoy the sun on the sparkling water. Katrina’s sister made bacon and pancakes and served OJ to the hungry masses and the rest of us lolled around, cleaned a bit and surveyed the damage that results from mass binge drinking in a cabin on a lake. Cleanup was painful, slow and interspersed with cries of “TICK” because the place was infested…one latched onto my forearm and I panicked til Dizzle Berry yanked it off. A wonderful bach/bachelorette fling. Crazy to think that in a few days we will be celebrating their wedding and getting drunk at Brit’s Pub…




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