I am a Nomad

12 05 2009

Ok, not really but I feel like one. I moved out of my dad’s super nice home in 2003 when I came to Mankato to go to school. Yes…for those of you counting, I have been in school for a loooooong time, but 1.5 years of that I took off working and getting healthy, so I have only attending 4.5 years of school so far…and I switched a major, and got screwed into taking a huge minor instead of a small, easy one. Ok, so basically, I could have graduated with two majors by now,  but I didn’t.

So back to the point, I have been living in Mankato since 2003 and I have spend way too much of that time moving around. I lived in the dorms 2003-2004 with no roommate the first semester and Meggie the second semester. I moved home for the summer to work and came back in the fall of 2004 and moved into my first apartment in Campusview with Dana, Christin, Kellie and Brandon. Campusview in 2004-2005 soon became Dana, Cory, Christin, Kyle and me for the summer as others went home. At the end of the summer, I moved out of Campusview and across the street to Monks Apartments where I moved in with Gina, Jennie and Jena for 2005-2006. Bad year, not much to say except I met LaMere, Werner, Dunbar, Swanson and some other favs! 2006-2007 I lived in Huntington Hills 106-108 with 9 other guys (my besties and fav roomies): KP, Turek, Daver Baby and Heiny on 108’s side and Chrz, Shelby, J Wils, B Lars and Clown on 106’s side. Awesome year…best year ever…expensive house. 2006-2007 I took off of school and technically I took 2005 off of school but didn’t know it. 2007-2008 most of the guys moved on and graduated so the rest of us moved into 108’s side: Jake, KP, Bryan and me held down the Kato fort. Then, everyone went their own way, with Bryan moving to Eau Claire because he got *married* and finally put a ring on Etta, Wilson moving to Iowa where he got a job with John Deere and put an engagement ring of SandKat (wedding news to come), KP moved to St. Peter where he lives above a bar with Brenden. Shelby, Adam and Jeff Marx moved to St. Peter the year before right next to KP and Friendo…so half the crew lives out there now.

I had nowhere to go…so I did something I said I would never do again. I moved in with girls. My last experience in Monks was so horrendous that I said I would never do it again, but then I did. I moved in with Heiny’s girlfriend and her best friend, Babs.

Highland Hills was the 2008-2009 adventure, where I moved in to a nice room with my own bathroom connected to my bedroom and my own nice space. It’s a tiny apartment but I fell in love with the DollHouse…I love it here and don’t want to move…but I am.

We didn’t resign our apartment in time and now we are getting kicked out of Highland Hills because management gave our apartment away without seeing if we wanted to resign, which we did! I am pissed. They should have sent out a notice saying 3 bedrooms were in high demand so one last chance for us to get into them! They did not. Epic Fail.

So now I am moving…AGAIN.

Can you tell I am pissed? I am once again moving to another apartment where I have to break it in. Not pleased…apartment search, here I come. Please let things go well.

Off to throw things at walls until some of my anger has dissipated.




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