Long drives…

11 05 2009

I drove back from Sioux Falls yesterday, leaving around 4:15 and getting into Mankato at almost 7. That was about the length of drive that I had expected but it was not my favorite drive. I have made this one numerous times and I don’t mind it because it is basically a straight shot down I90 to 60 from SuFu to Kato and I prefer it to the complicated and strange drive to LaCrosse, WI, but I hated leaving after such a great weekend.

One good thing about long drives is that I can organize my thoughts. I usually take that time to pray, think, plan for the future, organize my thoughts and emotions and get myself ready for whatever comes next. I like to think about my brain as being a large room filled with this filing system where I can file away memories, thoughts, school knowledge, personal things, emotions, etc. in an effort to organize myself and stay in control both mentally and emotionally. It was a good opportunity but it made me sadder to leave D and D. I kept thinking that I could so easily turn around and drive back…skip work and just spend more time in SuFu…even though I know that was impossible.

My hopes are that in the near future, I can spend more time with D and less time alone in Kato. I have no homework right now, so I am bored at home. My hours got cut at work so I am only working 7-12 this week…leaving me more hours to do nothing. I am trying to spend some time reading ahead for class, especially my American Novel class since that has such a long reading list of 8-9 books. Luckily, I have read all but three of those, so I am confident that with some re-reading and a little memory backpedaling, I will be able to tap into that information pretty easily. Other than that, I just plan on cleaning, organizing my things and getting some stuff ready to donate to Goodwill, working out, working, waiting for spring semester grades to be posted and struggling to keep myself occupied without D here.

All of this came together when I was driving the 2.5 hours back from SuFu yesterday afternoon, but it doesn’t help to see my list of “to dos” spread out. I just keep wanting to be done with college and on to the next thing.

To Dos:

Register for GREs: general and English literature subject exam

Find second job to supplement first job’s inadequate hours

3 Summer classes to survive


Medical Bills/Credit Card Bills/Old Utilities/Clear ALL debt

Go through all old papers/notebooks/books

Sell back books for extra money

Car’s transmission checked/fixed

Oil change

Clean out car

Sign new lease for 2009-2010 for HH

Return Library Books

Balance Checkbook

Pay Utilities

Look at new phones/plans for Verizon

Dolce’s checkup at Kind Vet: Heartworm, Tick and Flea Treatments

Dentist Appointment: Teeth Cleaning

Wash all blankets, comforters and sleeping bags at laundromat

Wash mattress pad

Wash sheets, towels, bathmats, clothes

Deep clean bedroom and apartment: Refrigerator, Freezer, Stove, Floors, Washing Machines, Walls, Sinks, etc.

Things to Wait On:

Spring Semester Grades

Visit Home

Dan’s Parents and My Parents Meeting for First Time (this summer?)

Things I Need:




New White FlipFlops (love these and wear them with everything in the summer)

Garbage Bags

This is what the inside of my head looks like sometimes…drives me nuts unless I can get it out and onto paper…where it looks less daunting.

Off to try to accomplish some of these things instead of just writing them down here.




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